İlkem technology

Our company;
It keeps customer satisfaction above all values ​​in the company.

The customer is always right. Instead of thinking, whatever the circumstances, "the customer should always be satisfied." Believes in philosophy.

It gives importance to post-sale service rather than sales

With the product selling, the value of the company is also presented to the customer

Commitment given to the customer does not escape from money, time, labor, in order to fulfill this commitment that the company is the biggest business bait.

It sees honesty as a company motto.

These are our basic principles we will not compromise.

Customer legal rights:

First of all thank you for choosing İlkem Bilgisayar on your technology shopping.

We provide you with the information that will provide you with the legal rights that you have made with your shopping with us and the more efficient use of İlkem Bilgisayar Customer Services established with customer satisfaction principle.

Return and Exchange Conditions:

Products that are damaged or missing accessories are not returned or exchanged.

Within the warranty period, if the same fault is more than 2 faults in one year or more than 4 faults in different faults, or more than 6 faults in total faults within the specified guarantee period; The relevant product exchange or return procedures can be done with the approval of the manufacturer's firm, importer's firm or authorized service. (Consumer Law: 4077)

Supplies are non-refundable. Except for bare-bones, consumables located in the product are not included in the scope of change and are billed during the exchange.

Products (software, movies, games, etc.) within the scope of copyright can be replaced with the same if manufacturers or importers identify problems in their products.

Software malfunctions (viruses, etc.) are not covered by the warranty.

All products sold by İlkem Bilgisayar are guaranteed by the manufacturers or importers.

Your defective products within the warranty period; Your name is tracked to authorized service providers and informs you when it is ready. If you wish to have your product delivered to authorized service by Customer Services, the breakdown repair time of 30 working days starts with leaving the authorized service by your computer.

At the time of sales of İlkem Computer, only the products are delivered with licensed software. The consumer is responsible for the unlicensed programs installed on the products delivered to Customer Services. Unlicensed programs may be deleted without prior notice, and the responsibility for reinstalling licensed or unlicensed software installed after the sale is retained by the customer.

During the return process, the refund will be in the form of a payment made during the sale.

İlkem Computer only provides customer service support for the products it sells.

The responsibility for products not received within 3 months does not belong to İlkem Bilgisayar.

The computer is not responsible for the protection of personal information on products delivered to Customer Service, and it is recommended that the information be backed up by the consumer.